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9 Facts About Airtel Facebook Free Mode.

                                                9Facts About Airtel Facebook Free Mode
Over two years ago, one of the leading telecommunication Giant network in Nigeria AIRTEL introduced facebook free mode, which aligns and works compatible with windows, Android and other Devices.
Since then, this social media communication company Facebook has ranked as one of the most visited website per day in Nigerian according to Alexa Ranking, as the Airtel free mode subscribers increases per day so the facebook participants increases too.
But that’s not really what am here to explain, read below and see the Top 9 Things You Need to know About Airtel Facebook Free Mode.  
Below are the necessary things you need to know concerning the Airtel facebook free mode Bonanza.

1.      VIEWING OF HIGH QUALITY PROFILE PICTURE:  Facebook free mode don’t permit the viewing of profile picture of high Quality, they minimized the most profitable parts that the subscribers needed, and only present you with the Chat forum which does not consume much data.


2.      WATCHING OR PLAYING OF VIDEO:  Just as you already know that the viewing of pictures on free mode wasn’t permitted, also bear in mind that the watching /playing of videos are not accepted too, it’s only accepted on Data mode. Imagine when your girl friend/boy friend uploaded pictures and you will see words like this “Please Use Data Mode to See Photos” what a fuck.

3.      SLOW NETWORK: this is one of the disadvantages facing this big telecommunication network; did you know that due to the 85%of Nigerians using free mode. We embark on research and found out that there is much traffic on participants who are consuming and processing the network per seconds of the day, this leads to the network problem like “server not found” “disconnected” and such things like “Service timeout”

4.      LIMITED DATA: Due to many participants on the Airtel free mode, the telecommunication network has decided to minimize and program the data where by each user will only have the right to consume not less that 20MB (megabyte). Per day herby making the process limited, if yours is exhausted, you are to wait for 12: am they next morning to continue your chat.


6.      TO ATTRACT MUCH CUSTOMERS: After confirming that Nigerian has developed much love over facebook, this makes the company to introduce the Free mode trick and has been selling large amount of SIMs per day, and this has ranked them as  the 2nd most used SIM in Nigeria After MTN because of the free mode access which has dominated the country.

7.      DIFFICULTIST IN TAGGING: With facebook free mode, the users finds it more difficult when trying to tag their friends on a status and also finds it more difficult to insert smiley’s and another necessary things needed to beautify status, unlike the Data mode process.

8.      ASSITANCE: Are you aware that since Airtel started the free mode bonanza that most people now slept off on chatting, which you can’t dare when you are on data mode. The facebook airtel free mode has make it easy for everyone to be online as quick as possible even with the smallest device uses it, here by makes it reliable, easy and friendly with PC’s and Device mode. Thanks to Airtel.

9.      CONSISTENT: Aitel free modes are so consistent and always function at any giving time, its priority is considered at any Operating system, and it’s unbiased and reciprocates at any given time.

10.   Opening Link: opening of link using Airtel free mode is one of the challenges that drags customers to the mod, in the situation of free mode, viewing and opening of link is prohibited unless you are on Data mode. So this seems to be the disadvantages behind the free mode.

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