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List of Top Ten Best PortHarcourt Bloggers

 Below are the List of Top Ten Best Port Harcourt Bloggers

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Bloggers in the city of Port Harcourt are much to be announced but based on the certain research been carried out with our Workers, we were able to gather the facts on the keyword mentioned above.

Here, we look toward presenting to you the top ten best bloggers in Port Harcourt
Remember that when talking about Ranking of  bloggers. we are not only looking at the DA, PA nor how long the blog has been active, we are also looking into how influential, amount of traffics booming on the blog, how often is the content been attracted by the viewers, Awards won and nominated on their specific fields and lastly the Ranking of the website based Cutestat, Moz or on Alexa ranking

Now watch and see the Top ten bloggers in Port Harcourt and areas they specialized.

10. MBCelebrity: we have MBcelebrity as our number 10. this blog is last but not the list in our ranking, its a blog that i s designed through the platform of Worpress. it record the traffic of 2000visitors and above daily, its niche is based on promoting of songs, videos, and hyping of Gist. News and lots more. Prince lil pee is the owner of

9. Mpnaija Mpnaija is the thing that comes to your mind when you heard about music in the city of Port Harcourt and in the country, this blog is also build with blogger platform but was later moved to WordPress so as to meet up to the expectations, its has thousands of viewers daily and ranks good on Alexa ranking.. its purpose is all about promoting of music of all sorts, news, gist, celebrity cover and event coverage the Url is it was owned by Precious Amadi.

8.Dezmayor. as the name implies, the blog has been making rave of the moment long time ago, its mainly designed for promotion of song and hyping of news, its one of the fastest and growing blog in the city of porthacourt  its based on song promotion, event coverage and many more. the URL is

7. 818tv this blog is mainly noticed in events coverage in the city of Port Harcourt and beyond, its design and categorized in event, gist, promoting of videos and audios of all types and also specializes into street request in the city. its been ranked based on thousands of visitors entering into the blog and this blog have won several award in the city. its owned by Isaac and the URL is

6. PHcitymusic this guy is really great, wonderful and Port Harcourt this guy is the biggest blogger in Port Harcourt, he's a popular blogger, good theme and exclusive when it comes to business this blog as the name implies is one among the best blog in the city, its among the best bloggers and has ranked on many site based on its effort in the industry. its goal is to enhance to the promotion of songs in the country, and its major criteria is all about hyping, promotion based on audio and video, news and gist coverage its URL is

5. Donaktv: Donaktv is said to be the best blogger based on its influential in the industry. its no longer news to know that Donaktv covers most of the Artiste in the city of Port Harcourt live and also participate in promotion of Videos and Audio.. its wonderful work has made him popular that every artist will always love his track to be promoted by him.
Donaktv specialized most in promoting of audios, videos, gist and many more and he has won several award in the blogging business. the URL is

4. Ukwubenda: ukwubenda is a blog that is merely based on promoting artistes. his level of promotion has made him known in the city, that whenever an artiste songs drops the first on google page is Ukwubenda. he has helped many upcoming artiste in the city of Port Harcourt and has been known for his good work, his field including blogging, promotion and graphic designer the url is

3. Youngendy: Ogoloma Endurance popular know in the state with Mr Controversial id the CEO of youngendys's blog, its one among the top 3 best bloggers in the city of portharcourt. Mr controversial has made his living through blogging and has won several award both on Niger delta region and the state of Portahrcourt. youngendy is one of the blogger that covers most reasonable and current contents concerning Political and infrastructure of the state of portharcourt and beyond. he also specialized in Promoting of songs, videos, gist and celebrity news.. the URL is

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Young endy

2, Ukalasblog: Uzoma kalabor popular known as Ukalas and also the CEO of ukalsblog has worked hard and has made his way in our ranking through blogging, Ukalasblog is one of the best blog in Nigeria and the 2ns best in the city of porthacrourt. the this blog was created in 2013 and has ranked 3000 in the Nigeria also rakns higher in Alexa ranking, the blog is an entertainment blog platform and has many visitors per day. Its field include promoting of music, videos, gist street request and lots more. the URL is
U-kalas Uzoma Kalagbor's Profile Photo, No automatic alt text available.

i know you might be wondering the blogger that made it at the top of our ranking, anyway its no other person but.

1, PHcitypromo: phcitypromo was said to be the best and most visited blog in the country, this blog has the amount of about 1million views in a week, it makes huge fame in the city of porthacrout.
phcitypromo was owned and managed by Alabo Jojo falani popular known as Shakara blogger or waterside boi. phcitypromo is said to be the oldest blog in the city and has ranked hogjer in the blogging business.. its puporse is all about misc promoting, audio, video and also hyping of event, Jojo falani is also the CEO of Shot By falani, (a skit videos) which was introduced 2017. Jojo falani has won some accolades and has been nominated for many his url is he made it to first in our ranking..

drop your comments and share as well so we can know your intention

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