Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Help: My blog is hacked - CEO of 9Cmedia cries out!!!

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Help:  My blog is hacked - CEO of 9Cmedia cries out!!!

One of the famous Port Harcourt blogger by name Agwuma Kingsley popularly known as 9Cmedia boss who was the CEO and founder of 9cMedia blog was in sad mode when he came encountered that his Blog which has daily visitors of 2000 and above was attacked by enemies.
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My blog is hacked.

According to the information reaching our team, He reported that the incident took place on Monday by 3pm when he logged out and tried to sign up within an hour to publish some contents, but at his surprise that the Blog account has been hacked and was also changed immediately by the hacker immediately.
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He went further to conclude that the person can only hack blog account but cannot take him down in the field, based on the report gathered, the unknown hacker changed the account to
He  also try to make it clear to his audience and  fans that he have created a new blog account and this will be more dope than the initial one..

“9CMedia was hacked. Fans please this Is my new blog now, stay tuned and anticipate a huge surprise from us... Fuck haters who tried to pull us down” He concluded

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