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Facts to know about Auchi Polytechnic Computer Rock 2019.

Facts you need to know about Auchi Polytechnic Computer Rock 2019.
Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi is federal polytechnic in Edo state been located in the southern part of the country. It’s a polytechnic with vibrant and well brilliant students with lots of celebrities and others. Its motor is Hand Brain for Development.
One of the best Department is the above School mentioned always embarked on their Departmental party of the year to thrill their students and throw more light on what the Computer system is all about and how it has been more beneficiary not only in the department al aspect but also in the economic and country sectors, And therefore the Computer science department of Auchi Polytechnic have mapped out an event/Party been known as COMPUTER ROCK 2019

Computer rocks have been coming but this particular section that will be hitting soon is tagged as the 3rd edition.

Now, read careful to know the facts and how come about the Word Computer Rock.
Before embarking on the word Computer rocks, I know you must have know the task and operations the computer can do the learned and even to the lay men, the majority of task that this  computer system does are the reason why it’s been noted as Computer Rocks.
Below are the Facts you need to know about Auchi Polytechnic Computer Rock 2019.

1.       Opening Ceremony: Before the event take place, there will be opening ceremony, this is all about throwing more light on how the word Computer Rocks came into being and how the department have been progressing at all time.

2.       Presentation of Cake
Before the ceremony will commence, actually there will be presentation of cake to the audience in celebrating the year event for the above section.

3.       Issuing of Awards
4.       At the stipulated date for this event to take part, there will be issuing of awards on various personnel, such as the most brilliant student, the best Lecturer, the best media/publicity, the best dancer, the best online blog/website publicity and lots more. Maybe the best online blog/website publicity might come to or someone else Lolz..

5.       Artiste performance
There will be live stage performance with known artiste in the country to thrill you with Good music and lots more. This category is where people always focused their interest on, the last Computer rocks was absolutely ok and nice, with likes of Victor AD, MC Yannnist, Mc popori, Mc kpolokpolo and host of many celebrities on stage.

6.       Dance competition
there will be not just only awards presentation on this event/occasion, but also be a dancing competition and each winners is to go home with a price, huge amount of prices are stipulated for the lucky winners starting from the 3rd position to the first.

7.       Dinner
There will also be Dinner presentation to the audience and d lots more. Please stay tune and anticipate for the date and the event center will soon be made known to you as soon as possible. For further enquiry please call the following numbers below
07087325536 or 08168830035

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